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Vejle (w) vs Varde (w) free livescore and video stream(/06/16) Maeve gorgeous female

It was quite a lot of work to add music to the whole piece, but the words themselves served a lot of inspiration. Caht is with this old literature as it is with good music! Nature, as well as silence and a certain degree of isolation is absolutely essential for me to be creative.

Quite like the works of Kittelsen as you say, or the lyrical works of Welhaven or Wergeland. Chag, your life in music seems more adventurous than ever?! Most of the lyrics have been selected, and the overall feel of the album is beginning to show itself. Source url:. We felt that "Asgaardsreien" needed some of that spirit. Registration Go to the Helpdesk front at the deated time and click on the chat button to begin. In an earlier interview you mentioned that you work with ill people with special needs.

I guess you can say it all plays a part.

Varde chat for free

We simply just wanted to soak up the landscape and the spirit of the place. My musical life is difficult to hide, so most of them are well aware of it. Freedom in all aspects is at the core of everything we do. For me this is still a prime example of music as a welcome way of escapism and empowering your own fantasy; a quality that nowadays gets lost due to constant media overkill and which must be re-learned even among children whose minds get bombed with all sorts of bullshit.

Koll: I would not say basic, but the period from where he comes from is basic syllabus, along with the writing styles from that period. Already 20 years ago certain people were happily looking forward Nordic black metal disappearing sooner than later because there was nothing Hot horny local single women Janesville to expect anymore from the genre — which was what they thought. Varde chat for free is more the general era from which they came ca.

The intention is usually not to reinvent the wheel, but rather to connect to some very fundamental aspects of your very DNA. Me and Koll travelled to Iceland in Februaryand we got to see and experience some very unusual places.

Varde chat for free

Varde Interview - Trollmusic : official home. I wanted to continue expanding on that expression, but they had made other plans without my knowledge.

Varde chat for free

I work as a therapist in the field of addiction and psychiatry. The more you listen, the better it gets. They brought forward the cultural heritage, the old stories and cbat Norwegian landscapes from the times varxe Norway was occupied by the Swedes and the Danish. I wish them the rree of luck with whatever they want to do, but I have to be honest to myself and my creative vision.

You can turn it around and see it as a piece of storytelling with a musical soundtrack. You also supported Byrdi on stage at Midgardsblot, and now you're a band member again? What fascinates you about his poetry — and Sexy webcams in Kvarned the "philosophy" behind? Are some of those aware of your music or have you even experienced that your music can help in a way beyond what is commonly know as "therapy"?

In my review of the "Asgaardsreia" EP I cht that Koll sounds as pissed as if he just discovered somebody stole his year supply of beer. Some history around the poets and their relations is also well known.

Varde chat for free

Early next year we will start rehearsing with a full band, and booking live shows will be a priority after the full length is released. I chta my best to maintain rooted and in touch with the forces that are helping me to do what I do.

Varde chat for free

Timelessness is, in my opinion, one of the qualities that makes the genre so aesthetically unique. My musical life is more interesting than ever!

I guess a 17 minute track is quite unusual for this particular genre, but I feel we managed to put enough dynamics and interesting elements in there to justify it. Search form. Did I get everything correct — and if so, have I won a prize? Glancing at the many outdoor photos you publish on social media, I assume that nature is still a great source of inspiration and power, which keeps creativity and passion on such a high level? I think this experimental phase was essential for the genre to take a step back and really define itself.

So basically, yes, you got it all right!

I need to distance myself to the pollution of society, and I find a lot of inspiration in that quiet space. As part of building relations to your patients, they get to know some selected aspects of your personal life.

Even the track "Iceland" which we released last spring was written long before that. Wednesday,September 23 - to I guess this artistic freedom is most important for you in order to express your ideas as well as to challenge yourselves? I totally agree with you. How the listener interprets it is entirely subjective. The short story is the love of the fatherland, the interest and fascination for the old days combined with the passion in which they write i guess.

Source nid:.

Varde Interview - Trollmusic : official home

I think that is what black metal in general is about these days. This to rebuild our nations identity and pride. But Nordic black metal has become a traditional style itself, and at least for some — stubborn?

Nevertheless the main focus was on VARDE, a project that so far released three great songs of Nordic folk black metal in the tradition of the glorious Moonfog era early Satyricon, Storm, Isengard, Wongraven, On "Asgaardsreia" you interpret fot poetry of Johan Sebastian Cammermeyer Welhaven, whose name might tree a bell for those who have read it in context of Burzum's "Filosofem".

He really comes across as if cnat wants to keep a distance to all those who misinterpret black metal as somehow "lovely" easily accessible music With VARDE I have the freedom to do just that, and the chemistry in the band allows for everyone to express our true selves. The facination is not in one poet alone, it is random that Welhaven was so lucky to have both sides on the upcoming vinyl release.