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This document is a reference manual for the LLVM assembly language. It is the common code representation used throughout all phases of the LLVM compilation strategy. The LLVM code representation is deed to be used in three different forms: as an in-memory compiler IR, as an on-disk bitcode representation suitable for fast loading by a Just-In-Time compilerand as a human readable assembly language representation. This allows LLVM to provide a powerful intermediate representation for efficient compiler transformations and analysis, while providing a natural means to debug and visualize the transformations.

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If inlined, the caller will get the sspstrong attribute unless the sspreq attribute exists. The of bytes known to be dereferenceable is specified by the integer value in the metadata node. The purpose of this feature is to allow frontends to associate language-specific runtime metadata with specific functions and make it available through the function pointer while still allowing the function pointer to be called.

These contained type descriptors can either be struct type descriptors themselves or scalar type descriptors. Overflow also le to undefined behavior; this is a rare case, but can occur, for example, by taking the remainder of a bit division of by The bit format used by PowerPC two adjacent doubles is represented by 0xM followed by 32 hexadecimal digits. It is generally used to pass structs and arrays by value, but is also valid on pointers to scalars. Given a program execution, a sext numbers is well defined if the value does not have an undef bit and is not poison in the execution.

The syntax for the target triple is simply:. This metadata should be used in conjunction with llvm. The module field includes the summary entry id for the module Horny women Ridge Maryland asin nudes Austria this definition, and the flags field contains information such as the linkage type, a flag indicating Passionate good guy it is sext numbers to import the definition, whether it is globally live and whether the linker resolved it to a local definition the latter two are populated during the thin link.

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This indicates that if operand 0 is r or mthen operand 1 may be one of r or i. The return type of a function type is a void type or first class type — except for label and metadata types.

This may be passed around as an opaque pointer sized value as long as the bits are not inspected. This is intended for representing ABI constraints, and is not intended to be inferred for optimization use.

Note that program order does not introduce happens-before edges between a thread and als executing inside that thread. This metadata defines which loop attributes the outer unrolled loop will have. If present, the code generator will use the integer as the location cookie value when report errors through the LLVMContext error reporting mechanisms.

This implies that jumps to labels defined in other functions have undefined behavior as well. Control transfers to the block specified in the address argument. For further details, please see the discussion of the NoAlias response in alias analysis.

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The set of registers preserved by the check function, and the register containing the target address are architecture-specific. Depending on properties of the target machine and the particular switch instruction, this instruction may be code generated in different ways. The metadata type represents embedded metadata. This node represents all memory access instructions referring to it via llvm.

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No floating-point exception state is maintained in this environment. Pointers returned by bitcast or getelementptr with only zero indices are considered the same. If the global value is a function, the Summary entry will look like:. The callee refers to the summary entry id of the callee.

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This metadata defines which attributes extracted loops with no cyclic dependencies will have i. If an explicit label name is not sext numbers, a block is ased an implicit ed label, using the next value from the same counter as used for unnamed temporaries see above. The elements may be one of "ieee""preserve-"or "positive-zero". There are two metadata nnumbers strings and nodes.

The parent argument is the token of the funclet that contains the catchswitch instruction. Global values are represented by a pointer to a memory location in this case, a pointer to an array of char, and a pointer to a functionand have one of the following linkage types. This opcode can be used to calculate bounds of fortran assumed rank array which has rank known at run time and current dimension is implicitly first element of the stack.

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The epilogue is not vectorized and is executed when either the vectorized loop is not known to preserve semantics because e. If the represented attribute expects a constant argument, the argument provided to the operand bundle should eext a constant as well. The declaration of the variant must be present in the IR Module. The associated metadata may be attached to a global object declaration with a single argument that references another global object.

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The preallocated attribute requires a type argument, which must be the same as the pointee type of the argument. The entry and exit blocks can access a few TLS IR variables, each access will be lowered to a platform-specific sequence. This information is passed along to the backend so that it generates code for the proper architecture.

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The opcode is only generated by the AsmPrinter pass to describe call site parameter value which requires an expression over two registers. The effect of the library specifiers are defined by the consuming linker. The debugInfoForProfiling: field is a boolean indicating whether or not line-table discriminators are updated to provide more-accurate debug info for profiling .