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Egypt was declared an independent nation in and largely remained neutral. But that wasn't ratified until December of that year. The film probably takes place before that. Inthe US military learns that the Nazis have discovered Tanis, an ancient Egyptian city buried in a gigantic sandstorm in B.

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Marcus provides the answer in the scene where he and Indy talk to the two agents from Army Intelligence: "An army which carries the Ark before it is invincible. See here for more details. If Marion disappeared suddenly, Belloq and the Nazi officers would do rroom what Indy said; they'd comb the place until she was found.

German U-boats would only submerge when they'd attack surface ships. ─░zlenecek Filmler.

Raiders chat room

Both Marion and Belloq were trying to fool each other into thinking the other was drunk. Because it was extremely hot from being in the fire, the markings of one side of the headpiece was burned into his hand, which Belloq was able to copy. However, before Indy can begin his search, he rziders stop in Nepal to meet with his former mentor Abner Ravenwood in order to obtain cha headpiece to the Staff of Ra, an artefact which will allow him to determine the exact location of the Ark.

Raiders chat room

Suddenly, lights begin flashing and bulbs exploding. The Raiders' Dennis Allen era gets underway in Oakland tonight, and Insider Paul Gutierrez raidsrs fans set with a pregame chat from the press box from the Coliseum. Raiders of the Lost Ark There is a deleted scene in which you see Indy holding on to the periscope, which is sticking out of the water.

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It's a clear plastic shield, like safety glasses, for his eyes. How much money did it make at the box office worldwide?

Was Tanis a real city? They were digging specifically in the location where they believed the Romo to be, which was incorrect. Although tethered to a pole, Indy and Marion are allowed to watch as Belloq opens the Ark, cameras rolling to record the momentous event. The rays of light turn into ethereal beings then into skeletons.

Raiders chat room

Inthe US toom learns that the Nazis have discovered Tanis, an ancient Egyptian city buried in a gigantic sandstorm in B. An extensive search of the entire site would lead them to Jones, Sallah, and their dig, so Indy leaves her bound and gagged, much to Marion's fury, and promises to return for her when they'd find the Ark and have it safely away from the Nazis.

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The implication is that she felt taken advantage of by the older, more experienced man, an inappropriate relationship which also caused Indy's falling out with her father Abner, Indy's friend and mentor. A fifth film, the as-yet Untitled Indiana Jones Projecthas been announced but is not yet in production.

Raiders chat room

If it were solid gold, it would weigh around kg 3, troy oz. In the desert there's a lot of wind and blowing sand so Belloq was using this device as eye protection. They could only travel short distances under water, as this required electric propulsion and the battery power of the submarine did not last very long. raaiders

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The length of Indy's staff would therefore not be the exact length needed. The film, however, never specifies its make-up; it might well have been gold-plated stone raifers ceramic, seeing as Indy lifts it quite easily and Belloq lifts it easily over his head. Share this :.

Tanis was at one point the northern capital of Egypt, and inafter extensive excavations, a great deal of treasure and artifacts were found there however, the Ark was not among them. The boat would have been in full view of the Germans during the entire docking. Belloq was eoom a hardy drinker, having grown up drinking the wine he provided, which was, in his cheerful words, "my family label.

Raiders chat room

The location of the Ark he'd gotten from the scene showed that it was still pretty close to the main excavation. The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

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U-boats generally would submerge to a riaders of roughly 12 meters, deep enough to observe the surface through the periscope. It's likely that the Nazis knew the ancient ruin with the loose stones was there, but didn't bother to demolish it to look inside, either to preserve as much of the ancient ruins as possible or they simply planned to check later. Jump raiders chat room FAQs 15 Spoilers 8. Army Intel Leaving the office, Indy is met by Marion, who loops her arm through his and offers to buy him a drink.

Since this scene is not in the movie, it is a little confusing as to how Indy knew that he could only survive the opening of the Ark by closing his eyes. And by some trick of ancient artistry, radiers one building responds to the sunlight like none Black pussy in Idaho ms the others. In. In the raidders scene, a workman is shown locking a box marked "Top Secret How was Marion able to stay sober during her meeting with Belloq?

Raiders chat room

You can see in the map room that the building marked for where the Nazi's are digging is directly in line with the one Indy sees illuminated, which suggests that Belloq used the correct hole, only his staff was too long. Tanis is believed to be the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, a mystical chest built by ancient Hebrews which is said to hold the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written.

Do not open" and storing it in a massive warehouse stocked with thousands of other such boxes. But there is one further problem: in the thousands of years since the map room was created the Earth raiders chat room shifted on its axis one of the reasons the Earth periodically has Ice Ages. The gold nature of the idol may not have been as important as its symbolic importance to the Hovitos.

Was there really a long fight raideds planned between Indy and the swordsman? The medallion wasn't really in contact with any fire, only some burning straw on the floor.