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You can filter your incoming mail messages to sort them into folders, automatically tag them, forward them, or discard them. For example, you can create a rule as follows:. Open Filters and click New Filter. The Add Filter dialog displays. This is where you define the rule and the destination for the new filter. Any means that if any of the conditions in the filter are met, apply the action.

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How to retrieve message in match

Attribute Description reason One of the following values. Set the specified flag on this message to the specified value. A Message object's message is messsage relative position of this Message in its Folder.

Update any header fields to be consistent with the changed message contents. Mail flow rule procedures in Exchange Online.

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Mail flow rules contain a richer mafch of conditions, exceptions, and actions, which provides you with the flexibility to implement many types of messaging policies. OFPSetConfig datapathofp.

How to retrieve message in match

For more information, see Policy Tips. Common attachment blocking scenarios for mail flow rules.

How to retrieve message in match

You can uncheck the Active box if you do not want a rule to run. Or, you can disable a rule without deleting it to preserve the settings. Note that any flags in this message that are not specified in the given Flags object are unaffected. Common message approval scenarios.

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Get all the recipient addresses for the message. Parameters: flag - Flags. Add this recipient address to the existing ones of the given type. Returns: the message's Session Since: JavaMail 1.

How to retrieve message in match

The following steps can be repeated to set up multiple conditions and actions within a single filter. Address [] getReplyTo Get the addresses to which replies should be directed. The reply message will use the same session as this message.

Parameters: term - the Search criterion Returns: true if the Message messaye this search criterion, false otherwise. OFPGroupMod datapathofp. Rules with conditions that require inspection of the message's content, or actions that modify the message's content can't be processed. Properties : Specify other rules settings that aren't conditions, exceptions or actions.

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Check this box to turn on the filter rule. The controller sends this message to ensure message dependencies have been met or receive notifications for completed operations. This setting is important for messages that match the measage in multiple mail flow rules which rule do you want applied to the message?

How to retrieve message in match

Get the folder from which this message was obtained. Get all the recipient addresses of the given type. For the list of the supported Nicira experimenter actions, please refer to ryu. Bitmasks of following values. There are several types of messages that pass through an organization. One of following values. Bitmap of port configration flags. These attributes specify meta-data for the message - i.

New rules: Enabled parameter on the New-TransportRule cmdlet. You can create a disabled rule, and enable it when you're ready to test it. If saveChanges is not called, any such modifications may or may not be saved, depending on the message store and folder implementation.

How to retrieve message in match

All means that all of the conditions in the filter must be met in order to apply the filter action. Note For the list of the supported Nicira experimenter matches, please refer to ryu.

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Normally only a single address will be specified. This method returns null if no recipients of the given type are present in this message. List of OFPPort instance.