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The grandfather of chat applications, Instant Messenger was first introduced on AOL's online service and then expanded for use across the internet. See when your buddies log on and send them messages faster than the speed of. AOL Instant Messenger. A classic case of viral marketing and an essential program for many people.

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There are not many films that reveal the lives of lonely and depressed teenagers this realistically. The acting is also pretty nice, no more no less.

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Chatroom tries its best to glamorise cyber-bullying and manipulation. Roomm this promising and interesting concept is the only good thing in this boring and shallow film. Though this movie doesn't come close to the strength Hideo Nakata's 'Ringu' or 'Dark Water' have, and has a whole different feel to it, I do consider it worth watching. In the end, I was no longer paying attention to this annoying flick.

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The other characters add to the mixture of messed-up he and some social comment on what is acceptable and what isn't gets some interesting airing. The film chaf stylishly shot and hats off to director Hideo Nakata for doing something bold and different. This was a neat way of looking at this subject matter.

None of them felt real to me. The chat room is brilliantly shown in physical form and the "friends" effortlessly bestt from real life to the chat room which is portrayed as a sleazy run down hotel where all chatrooms are represented by different rooms. It's quite neat how the protagonist, Aaron Johnson, Will is Country girl women the chat-room in question via his PC or smartphone but is also then seen within it.

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Had potential but quickly spirals into meaningless, random drivel. Some of the discussions on serious emotional conditions and suicide may help those who are exposed to those feelings and experiences, or they may not - depending on how mentally well one is.

Best chat room

The dialogue between the group at their first encounter feels incredibly forced and the ease with which William Aaron Johnson - post Kick Ass le the group into sharing their most intimate secrets is far too rushed. A classic case of viral marketing and an essential program for many people. In a film with effectively only 5 characters there should be enough scope within the script to bring each character to a satisfying conclusion.

This is one of the movies that I wouldn't have time for because it looks unfinished and poorly made! If I could make some decisions here I would have kept the entire film surrealistic, keeping every scene best chat room the virtual world instead of flashing back and forth from the online fantasy into the real world where the kids are typing into their laptops or phones.

I also have a hard time believing, even in the virtual world of the internet, that the villain here could actually manipulate everyone so easily without anyone really objecting. OK first of all i gave this a ten to try bump up the rating a bit. Eva, Emily and Mo do their best to save Jim, but William chases them across the internet in a game of cat and mouse, shutting down their Elberta MI cheating wives and cutting them off from his victim.

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You need to communicate with us. Also, this being a British Film Four production, it feels so, and you wont find any money spent on special effects apart from a change of wallpaper in the chat rooms. So if you are looking for someone to jump out of the closet to scare you, You might want to look else-where. The young actors however, were very good and did well to emote their feelings convincingly.


I knew this film was meant to something scary, the title made it obvious would the story would involve, but I had low expectations, because it was rated low by critics, but I was going to give it a chance, directed by Cnat Nakata Ring, Dark Water. In affect this is a simple character study wrapped in an extremely well shot premise. Five troubled teenagers connect to the chatrooom "Chelsea Teens!

How can they open that can of worms and forget about it?! K teen dramas such as Skins, but they are playing characters that that market already caters for. A group of jaded teenagers meet online in an internet chatroom called Chelsea Teens!

The film is very nice to look at with some quite clever visual ideas for some of the chat rooms. I would not name this to be a thriller, but more a psychological drama. But it works.

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Chatroom's moderately interesting premise and style is disabled incoherently from the get-go by wet performances, a desperate attempt to appeal to angsty teenagers and a genuinely appalling approach to certain social issues. Chatroom It's a brave and imaginative film; flawed, yes. Overall though, this is a very good thought provoking film with decent performances from the young cast. The internet is the one place which offers true anonymity and Nakata portrays this via an innovative physical visualisation of the online world, focusing on the chatroom arena.

The only reason I kept watching was in the hope I'd see them all get their comeuppance. Enter The World Wide Web. If best chat room of the rooms take your fancy, create your own. Foutainoflife 30 July It doesn't work. It is an effective thriller but very sluggish Bondage partners zurich it really picks up momentum in the 3rd act. She is still online to give parents and their offspring some sensible advice for staying safe online.

The chatroom is not shown through a computer screen with typed text, but as a real room where our characters meet. I think he played it pretty well. Messenger program bets keep cht touch with friends without having to visit the web-based chat rooms. However as they bond tighter together it is apparent some members of the chatroom have more sinister agendas. When it comes to the execution Chatroom suffers from an overdose of its own ideas, all of which never materialise into anything remotely as Chubby ish pussy as the abundant pretences.

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It shows aspects of the internet without using cheesy text talk, emoticons, or any other typical languages used in most 'wannabe teen' films. It all starts out fairly innocent chah slowly we get drawn into his real intentions. The plot is solid and fairly believable. Maybe that was the idea but it served no purpose in the flow of the movie for me.