Man-whore Nick O’Hara has finally met his match in virginal student Scotty James. Used to getting any woman he chooses, Nick pursues Scotty, who resists his charms due to her lack of trust in men in general. And, considering her horrible background in the foster care system, she can’t be blamed for not wanting to get close. The two eventually embark in a relationship, but there are perils at every turn. From Scotty’s kidnapping to Nick’s ultimate decision to solve Scotty’s problem for good, the couple are always close to the breaking point in life and with each other. True love can withstand anything. Or can it?

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“Holy s**t, that was brilliant. I wasn’t expecting much from this book, I will be honest. Just another book about a college professor falling for his student and vice versa. But this book has just completely and totally blown me away. I am in shock, I am sobbing and I think my heart just literally broke into hundreds of pieces…..” – Raw Books Blog

“I am about to go devour everything Annie Jocoby has written. Broken was that good!….I read this book in one day because I just couldn’t stop!” – Dayreader Reviews