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Best selling author Annie Jocoby

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Book One: Beautiful Illusions

“Fan-freaking-tastic book. Ryan is more screwed up than Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Tony Rawlings, etc….I loved this book, there was a TON I could relate to in this book, even right down to Iris being in the legal industry and Ryan and Iris were SCORCHING hot together.” – RomFan Reviews

Beautiful Illusions – a page-turning, sexy, and very contemporary adult romance novel. VERY contemporary.

Beautiful Illusions is a Cinderella Romance With a Twist – and what a twist it is!

Attorney Iris Snowe drinks too much, eats too much, and spends too much. Her sex life has been as spectacularly unsuccessful as her law practice, so she spends her evenings in her tiny apartment watching bad TV, talking to her cat, and rescuing pit bulls.

And her name might be Iris, but it should be Jade. As in jaded, which is how she feels about romance and men in general.

So, when a gorgeous and sexy stranger appears in her law office on Monday morning, after a one-night stand the previous Saturday, she doesn’t think that he is coming to see her because he is interested. She just figures that she left something behind in the room and he is enough of a gentleman to deliver it to her.

How wrong she is.

As it turns out, Ryan Gallagher not only looks like a Ralph Lauren model come to life, but is also fabulously wealthy, as he is the son of a prominent billionaire.

In other words, light years out of Iris’ league.

And completely into her, in more ways than one.

And so begins the erotic Cinderella romance of her life, with a man who truly loves her. And oh, if it could just be that simple. But, of course, it’s not -the fairy tale is fractured, as it is marred by obsession, jealousy, and dark secrets that Ryan has desperately sought to conceal and repress. It turns out that, behind those magnificent green eyes, lies the memories of a past that nobody should ever have to experience. Nobody.

But when his past becomes his present, his secrets come to light.

And one of those secrets just might be deadly…

This is a full-length novel, approximately 100,000 words.

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Deeper Illusions

Book 2 in the Illusions Series

Iris and her beautiful Prince Charming, Ryan, are now married. But the issues facing the two only get more complicated and dark. Iris is finding that being married to a man with such a dark past keeps threatening her present and the couple's future.

But the issues from the past do not compare to the devastating issues in the present. A tragic chain of events leads to a possible end of the fairytale...

This is a continuation of Beautiful Illusions.

This is a full length novel, approximately 100,000 words.

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End of Illusions

Book 3 in the Illusions Series

Although Ryan Gallagher survived being shot, it does not mean that he is out of the woods. The life that he lived when he was a drug addict was not a pretty one, and he hurt many people along the way. He has lived with these regrets, and the near-death experience has brought them back up for him in ways that he hadn't contemplated in many years.

As Ryan enters a dark place, Iris desperately tries to reach him. But he is unreachable. At the end of her rope, Iris turns to Ryan's best friend, Nick, for solace. Nick is literally the only person who understands Ryan and what he is going through, so Iris clings to him like a lifeline.

What happens next is something that none of them could have ever imagined.

This is a full-length novel.

Broken, the first book in the spin-off series featuring Nick is now FREE in the Kindle Store!!!! Don't miss out!

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Ryan Gallagher

Prequel in the Illusions Series

This is Ryan Gallagher's story before he met Iris, the love of his life.

Alexis and Ryan are forced into a loveless marriage because of the birth of their child, Mia. The union isn't happy, however, as Ryan knows that he and Alexis aren't meant to be. In fact, a fascinating redhead catches his eye and he somehow knows that this woman holds the key to his happiness.

For fans of the Illusions Series and Ryan Gallagher, this is a must-read if you are curious about the events that shaped his life.

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The Complete Series

Books 1 through 4 in the Illusions Series

Illusions Series - over 800 pages of steamy romance between a gorgeous alpha hunk and the woman he loves.

Iris Snowe and Ryan Gallagher are made for each other, and these three full-length novels contain their complete story. Join them on their journey, from beginning to end. From the first kiss and first date, to the revelation of Ryan's dark secrets, and how these secrets affect the couple's future. Walk with them as they battle, together, unimaginable tragedies that would tear most couples apart. Laugh, love, and cry with them through heartbreak, violence, dark secrets revealed and, ultimately, redemption.

You won't be able to put these books down.

These are page-turning and dynamic books which will not leave you disappointed.