There are many theories as to why women all over the United States and the world, in all actuality, are becoming more and more enthralled with romance or erotic novels. People can speculate all they want when it comes to what is causing these types of books to continue to gain more and more popularity over time. However, the truth is there are a number of reasons romantic novels are still just as prevalent in society today as they were when they first hit the market almost a century ago. Granted, these reasons have shifted as the role of women and men have greatly changed since the first romance novel was released and marketed as such. So let’s discuss one theory as to why these books are flying off the shelves.
If you have ever read a romance novel you may or may not have noticed one very important element of your life that seems to be missing from books like these. That thing is technology. In reality, everything we do and everywhere we go is communicated through a number of online social media platforms and through our electronic counterparts like our phones. This is especially true when it comes to forming relationships in 2015. There are a number of ways we communicate with a potential mate and the least common of which is face to face interaction. We have to text and email and chat someone if we want to be an important part of their life in this day and age.

In contemporary romance novels this aspect of human life is hardly, if ever alluded to which appeals to women. They want an old fashioned kind of love where their relationship is mainly face-to-face rather than having to navigate the many different kinds of technology they are bombarded with in each passing second of their day to day life.
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