If you are a sucker for romance novels but have yet to commit to one of best selling author Annie Jocoby’s books, now is the time to change that. Ms. Jocoby knows how to intertwine the idealistic kind of love story you want with the passion you need. With four amazing series available you can choose which is best suited to your own personal desires and get swept away in a world of intimacy like you have never known before. Find out which book series is right for you below.

The Illusion Series
This series is perfect for the woman who dreams of having a successful, ambitious man sweep her off her feet. In the novel, Iris finds herself enthralled with a handsome and deeply troubled man who satisfies her need for passion and yet keeps getting her into situations she wishes to avoid.

The Broken Series
Every woman has known as man who simply was incapable of settling down. However, when innocent Scotty meets Nick, a man with quite a large appetite for women, she changes the way he sees relationships as well as how he sees himself.

The Exposure Series
Deep down, every woman is praying for a sexual awakening and that’s precisely what CJ Parker finds when she meets the incorrigible Asher Sloane on the street one afternoon.  However, there’s a good chance that the secrets he is keeping from her are enough to ruin what they have entirely.

The Fearless Series
In this continuation of the Illusion Series, the only daughter of Iris and Ryan finds herself the muse of a handsome billionaire as she falls more and more in love with the man of her dreams, Luke. Whether or not she will escape this ongoing situation is unclear.

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