Some days are harder than others to get through. When you live a busy life trying to balance work and family, friends and more it’s easy to get down on yourself, especially if you feel like you’re not succeeding fully at all of these things at the same time. If you find that the heaviness of life tends to get you down from time to time there may be something you can do about it that doesn’t require a trip to the doctor’s office or a prescription. Reading has actually been found to help people with depression, and not just reading but reading romance novels.

Now, there is often a stigma associated with romance novels. Some people seem to think reading novels that focus on love and passion is a waste of time. However, they may not know that reading romance novels greatly increases the amount of serotonin in your brain. When you read about exciting scenarios your body begins to produce endorphins in your body that will not only cause you to become aroused(hooray!) but will also just make you happier in general.

Annie Jocoby novels are no exception. These steamy romance novels will fuel the passion in your life, not mention just make you more positive and feeling happy in general.With ambitious and confident men who will fictionally sweep you off your feet, you’re sure to find yourself addicted to Ms. Jocoby’s novels. After all, we could all use a little passion every once in awhile.