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Romance Novels

From best selling author Annie Jocoby

Take a journey to an exciting world of romance, intrigue, passion, mystery and unbridled desire with the best romance novels on the market today.

You haven’t found steamy romance novels like this before! Explore the unknown reaches of your mind’s inner most desires with these exciting book series by best selling author Annie Jocoby.  Tap into a realm of intimacy and romance that will leave you begging for more and unable to stop reading. 
Prepare yourself for the incredible ride ahead of you.

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The Illusions Series

What happens when an average woman, Iris, meets an incredibly hunky multi-millionaire, Ryan? One would think that this would be the ultimate Cinderella tale. And it would be, if not for the fact that said multi-millionaire didn't have an incredibly dark past. And this dark past has a way of rearing it's ugly head in the present, as Iris is repeatedly put into peril by incidents which are directly or indirectly connected to Ryan. The couple weathers all manner of tragedies during their lives together, but, through it all, their love endures.

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Recent Reviews

"Fan-freaking-tastic book. Ryan is more screwed up than Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Tony Rawlings, etc....I loved this book, there was a TON I could relate to in this book, even right down to Iris being in the legal industry and Ryan and Iris were SCORCHING hot together.

- RomFan Reviews

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The Broken Series

Man-whore Nick O'Hara has finally met his match in virginal student Scotty James. Used to getting any woman he chooses, Nick pursues Scotty, who resists his charms due to her lack of trust in men in general. And, considering her horrible background in the foster care system, she can't be blamed for not wanting to get close. The two eventually embark in a relationship, but there are perils at every turn. From Scotty's kidnapping to Nick's ultimate decision to solve Scotty's problem for good, the couple are always close to the breaking point in life and with each other. True love can withstand anything. Or can it?

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Recent Reviews

Holy s**t, that was brilliant. I wasn't expecting much from this book, I will be honest. Just another book about a college professor falling for his student and vice versa. But this book has just completely and totally blown me away. I am in shock, I am sobbing and I think my heart just literally broke into hundreds of pieces.....

- Raw Books Blog

I am about to go devour everything Annie Jocoby has written. Broken was that good!....I read this book in one day because I just couldn't stop!

- Dayreader Reviews<

I have to hand it to Annie Jacoby and Broken, I was so involved in this tale, I was taking mental turns at who I disliked the most, and yes, I found a winner. But what I noticed was, I was so involved, that these people became frighteningly real to me, while I can't say I would want any of them for friends, their plight was gut-wrenching, and frustrated the heck out of me! Ms. Jacoby forced me to connect and take a rollercoaster ride into the lives and insecurities of people in their personal lives. Are people ever as they truly seem or do they do what is expected of them by others? Sweet romance potential, lies by omission, lack of faith, it's all here, but watch your last step at the end...

- Dii (Top 500 Reviewer)

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The Fearless Series

Dalilah Gallagher, the only child of Iris and Ryan, is a headstrong, independent, beautiful and brilliant woman who nonetheless feels lost. Until she meets Luke, a fellow artist. She knows that Luke is a kindred spirit, even though they come from very different backgrounds. The only obstacle to their happiness is Blake Nottingham, a devious billionaire whose obsession for young Dalilah knows no bounds. Nottingham is ever-present in their lives, despite Daliah's increasingly desperate attempts to get away from him. Will Dalilah ever get away from Nottingham and find true happiness with Luke? Or will she be doomed by her own poor decisions?

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Recent Reviews

Overall this book was fast paced, steamy and enjoyable. I can't wait to check out this next book I recommend you lovely readers to check this book out!

- Jessica, A Reader

OMG and then some. This is my first encounter with Ms. Jocoby and a shocking one...I will certainly be adding her to my favorite authors list.

- Sonya, A Reader

It was yet another great read by Annie Jocoby...Great read for anyone who loves the push and pull of dramatic love.

- Yolanda, A Reader

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The Exposure Series

Photographer CJ Parker is a woman who has literally not gone outside for the past six months. She’s been hiding from the world, and from life, ever since an unimaginable tragedy forced her into seclusion. On the one day where she decides to finally venture outside, she meets the mysterious billionaire, Asher Sloane. Dark-headed, magnetic, and gorgeous, Asher drips sex and animal magnetism. He draws CJ out of her shell and into the world, while showing her things that she never knew existed. What CJ doesn’t know is that Asher has a dangerous past. Behind his beautiful blue eyes and confident demeanor lies dark secrets that, if they are brought to light, could mean the end of CJ and Asher’s relationship. Will the exposure of Asher’s past destroy them?

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Recent Reviews

Holy Wow!!! Hot hot hot and super yummy. Asher is the epitome of hottest eligible bachelor. Filthy rich, hot as sin and can totally back it up in the sack. Yep, I said it. Would I recommend this? You bet cha. In fact, I'm already begging for #2!!!!

- The Jeep Diva

With a shock of an ending that will leave you desperately wanting and needing the next book, this is one series that you'll have trouble putting down, full of suspense, drama, mystery and some really hot love scenes to boot this story will be sure to keep you on your toes....Annie has written a great start to a new series, that is sure to entertain and keep you enthralled from the get go.

- Head Stuck in a Book Reviews

Haunting, seductive, and a roller coaster of a read. The way the author describes CJ's panics are so real, you can feel it in your bones. Asher is intense, I am anxious to read the next book and see what happens.

- Sensual Reads Reviews

This is the first I have read from Annie Jocoby and have to say I want more of Asher. Loved it and can`t wait for the next one in this series about Asher and CJ.

- Melena's Book Reviews

This book is the first in the series and I felt it read well and at a good pace, the book is thorough and really sets the scene for the next part. All the characters were well developed and read well....All in all, this is a great read, I'm looking forward to the next part.

- Book Hooked Reviews

One homebound paparazzi photographer + an altruistic billionaire … truly scorching!...The writing is great. The erotic elements are awesome. The story is compelling. I find myself curious to see what has happened with CJ and if the two can get past Asher’s past.

- Xtreme Delusions Book Blog

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The Temptations Series - The Gallagher Family

Slade Bridgewell is a sexy billionaire accused of a brutal murder. Serena Roberts is a beautiful empath defending him. When they meet, their sexual energy is combustible. And forbidden. Serena finds herself not only dancing dangerously close to the flames, but finds herself becoming engulfed by them. Slade tells Serena that he is capable of murder. Anybody is under the right circumstances. As the evidence piles up against him, Serena finds herself doubting his story. He's capable of murder. Did he actually commit one?

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Recent Reviews

Slade is yummy, hot as hell & he gets my juices flowing!

- Tammy, A Beta Reader

Slade is sexy, protective and knows what he wants!

- Sandie, a Beta Reader

Slade is sexy as all freaking get out!

- Heather, a Beta Reader

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